doing a photo shoot

what kind of photos?

Naked Truth Photography is particular specialized in male portraiture. You decide what kind of photos you want to be made. Whether you choose for profile photo's for social media, or (semi) dressed, nude or erotic portraits, I am more than happy to give in to your demands as long as I can guarantee my artistic and professional standards. In my portfolio you can see a selection of my profile photo's and portraits.

who qualifies?

Everyone qualifies for a photo shoot regardless of age or appearance. Posing experience is absolutely not required. For those who have little experience with modeling, I have put together some practical posing tips, that might be helpful. And here you can find some work I have collected of other photographers in order to give you further inspiration.

how much does it cost?

Time for Photos: When you choose for this option you pay nothing for the photo shoot. You invest your modeling time and receive the best photographs in web format in return. This option allows me to further explore my photographic creativity (e.g. experimental poses and lighting) and to expand my portfolio and allows you to gain modeling experience and to receive some nice portraits you can use online. We both are free to use and publish the photographs.

Money for Photos: In this option you pay for your photo shoot. You choose for this option if you don't want me to publish (a selection of) your portraits, if you want to receive your photographs in high resolution and you want more control over the kind of photos to be made. You own the copyrights of the photos.

What a photo shoot costs depends on the duration of the photo shoot, the number of times changing the setting or clothing, the amount and type of photos to be delivered and the time for post-production. To give you a price indication: For a regular one hour photo shoot resulting in five high resolution post-edited digital photos you pay about € 75,-. For each additional photo you select from the shoot you pay € 10,- extra.

For more detailed information about doing a photo shoot click here. If you are interested in a photo shoot, you can let me know through the contact page and by filling out the model intake form.

photo shoot