current and future projects

Here you find some of my photographic projects I am currently working on or want to start in the near future. If you have interesting suggestions for one or more of the projects below or you can help me realize them, please let me know through the contact page. And I am always open to discuss other challenging project proposals as well.

ADONIS | naked truth photographers network

Male nude photography is still a niche within portraiture, requiring specific expertise and dealing with particular challenges. Since photographers are usually alone with their camera and their male model, exchanging experience normally doesn't take place during photo shoots. With this initiative I want to bring male nude portraiture photographers together on an informal basis to provide inspiration, exchange ideas, share their knowledge and perhaps start initiatives together.

STAMKARTPLEIN | how students live

The red cylindrical student tower is a landmark in The Hague. Hundreds of young (international) adults studying at the The Hague University or somewhere else have found their shelter there. Many residents of The Hague are passing by everyday, wondering what happens behind all those little windows. What do those students do, how are their cultural backgrounds reflected in their interiors and what can we learn about contemporary student life? With this documentary project I want to give an insight in how (international) students live at Stamkartplein.

WORK & PASSION | secret hobbies of local professionals

Sometimes people forget that professionals are not only working, but have private lives as well. They can be parents, carers, volunteers, sport fans, musicians etcetera. In a time where we increasingly individualize we might only view our local cashier, our butcher, our postman, our teacher, our doctor, our mayor in there professional role. With this project I want to make two portraits of local professionals: one in their professional context and one with one of their personal 'secret' passions. Eventually I want to exhibit these portraits in a local public building, hoping that this will increase social cohesion and mutual understanding.

PARADOXES | visualizing fundamental choices in life

I have been working on (management) paradoxes for quite some time now. For the sake of simplicity I consider them as fundamental choices that people have to make during there life. I have made a list of some of these paradoxes to illustrate what I am talking about. To give you some idea of the kind of photos I would like to make, I have collected some examples here and here. With this project I somehow want to visualize the tensions and difficulties of these paradoxes and publish these conceptual images in a book and/or use them in an interactive (management) app.

EXPOSED! | charity nude 2.0

There have been many initiatives where nude portraiture has been used to generate attention and raise money for a good cause (e.g. Dieux du Stade, Warwick Rowers Calendar, Naked for a Cause). Nothing revolutionary here, but nevertheless I think it is fun to create charity nude and to help others. With this project I want to create a nude portrait calendar for some kind of charity purpose.

current and future projects