about the photographer

I am a Dutch photographer (1975) with a photo studio in The Hague. After I have been a performing artist, a scientist, a public servant and a consultant, being a photographer is another attempt to express myself and to make people reflect on themselves and the world around them. Photography is a leisure pursuit that I do besides my full time job as a manager.

All my life I have been taking pictures, but during a sabbatical in Strasbourg I have seriously started ‘making photographs’. I am hereby strongly driven by the values of beauty, truth and good. That’s why I am primarily working within the photographic genres of male portraiture (focussing on beauty), documentary (focussing on truth) and conceptual art (focussing on good).

Without knowing where my search will end, I try to visualize things that I appreciate and are important to me. Hopefully I will someday be able to create photographs that people value for their beauty and have the power to move the spectator. In this article you can read more about my perception of photography.

brief resume

During high school I started with theatrical performing arts, since I liked expressing myself and I was looking for ways to move and touch people. At the university I got involved in debating, which I loved since it is about integrating factual argumentation with eloquence and performance. After earning my Masters in Organisation Science, I continued writing my doctoral thesis about people’s motivations for sharing knowledge. I was driven by intellectual curiosity and inclined to analyse complex substantive issues.

In order to gain some real life experience and to give into an urge for societal engagement, I started working as a public servant for the Dutch government. From my desire to explore other organizational settings as well, I decided to become an organisational consultant and management trainer enabling me to get to know a diversity of organisations from within. Based on these experiences I have written several management books, including one about organisational ethics and integrity of CEO’s. Currently I am working as a manager in the public sector, since I wanted to experience how it is to actually manage myself, rather than training and coaching other managers.

My career path meandering between public and private contexts, between rationality and emotionality and between introversion and extraversion is illustrative for my search for finding an appropriate way of using my talents in a meaningful way in society.

The photographer